The Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Eid with Family and Friends

The Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Eid with Family and Friends

It’s time to start planning for Eid ul-Fitr. Eid ul-Fitr means “the festival of breaking the fast.” This celebration occurs after Ramadan - a time for fasting from sunrise to sunset for roughly thirty days.

Celebrating Eid is a time for coming together with family and friends to exchange greetings, pray and feast on delicious food.
Simplify your Eid Celebration with our party kits. These party kits include custom one-of-a-kind chargers, decorative plates, utensils, cups, table cloth, and some thematic decorations. All you have to do is set it up and enjoy your feast.
Here are some easy ideas to add to your Eid celebration.

Foods to Prepare for Eid

Eid ul-Fitr is the festival of breaking the fast. Therefore, food is essential! If you’re unsure what to prepare, here are some delicious ideas to have ready for your guests.

Popular Dishes

Sheer Khurma. An Eid staple, this sweet rice pudding is topped with nuts and raisins.

Haleem. A mutton stew with pounded meat mixed with seasonings and herbs such as Saffron, curd, and yellow chili.

Phirni. Milk pudding with rice, nuts, dried fruit, and raisins.

Shahi Tukda. A delectable dessert with milk, bread, nuts, sugar, and creams.

Butter Cookies, also known as Graybeh. Some recipes include pine nuts, almonds, walnuts, or raisins.

Fun and Entertainment for Your Eid Celebration

Eid isn’t just a celebration of ending your fast; it’s a day to reflect and be thankful and embrace your culture and religion. Besides playing music, such as Nasheeds, to uplift spirits, you can play games such as these:

Pass the parcel. Wrap small treats together in layers. The children pass the parcel until the music stops, and the child holding the parcel can unwrap the layer and take the revealed sweet.

Trivia game. Ask questions regarding Eid or Ramadan, and the winner gets a prize!

Hire a Henna or Mehndi Artist. Little girls and Women alike can adorn themselves with intricate designs.

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Ramadan Mubarak to our Islamic friends!



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