Spooky Scary Halloween Party

Spooky Scary Halloween Party

Halloween is one of everyone’s favorite holidays. From costume parties to haunted houses, it’s a holiday that combines both spooky and fun. Whether you like the scary and freaky side or the sweet and fun side of the holiday, there is a way you can make the most of the holiday. 

Celebrate the season by getting your friend and family together for a Halloween party that’s absolutely to die for. Need tips to help you be the haunted hostess with the mostess? Here are Yellow Bliss Co. expert tips to create a Halloween party no one will soon forget.

Start With a Great Theme

When most people think of Halloween parties, they think of costume parties. That classic theme will always be a popular choice. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put your own spin on a costume party. Consider having costume theme guidelines where everyone has to come as a character from a certain show, letter of the alphabet, or pun.

You can also use the theme to help make your decorations and food. You might want to recreate a haunted house or have a specific spooky color scheme.

Haunting Decorations

Set the mood with the decorations. The classic skeletons, pumpkins, and bats will always be a hit on Halloween. But don’t forget to set the mood with creepy flickering lighting or colored lights. Black gauze drapes and fog machines also make for a haunting interior.

Don’t forget the music! Creepy sounds in the background will go a long way in creating a haunted atmosphere. 

Creepy Games

Of course, you need some entertainment for guests to enjoy during the party. Kids with love a ghostly punch board to win prizes. A scavenger hunt around the haunted is also a fun way to keep kids entertained. Don’t worry, teens and adults will also love a little friendly scaverger hunt competition. Or test to see who has the best aim in a game of pumpkin pong.

Halloween tablescape

Bootiful Tablescape

If you’re going to have some delicious spooky treats, you have to have “bootiful” tablescape to display them. Yellow Bliss Co.’s Halloween Box is the perfect combination of spooky and cute. Or opt to match your friends’ and family’s costumes with Superhero, Mermaid, Princess, and Racer themed tablescape boxes. Finish off the tablescape with a bouquet of black roses and baren branches and accents of ravens to bring in the creepy Halloween elements.

Spooky Scary Halloween Party

Who doesn’t love dressing up in costumes and playing classic Halloween games? One of the best parts of the season is getting creative with your costume and showing it off to your friends and family at a Halloween party. The only thing better might be throwing your own Halloween party.

With a few simple party tips, you can throw a haunting gathering every year. And with expert advice and party planning supplies from Yellow Bliss Co., your party will look professionally styled. Become a Yellow Bliss Co. member and get free hour-long consultations with each box purchase!

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