Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday

Every day, we head to our favorite stores for clothing, home goods, and food. And while there is plenty of convenience in shopping at these stores, many small businesses offer similar products. Small businesses are run by passionate people who sell their products online and in person.

Small Business Saturday is a yearly celebration urging people to celebrate and shop small rather than from large corporations and companies. Yellow Bliss Co. is a proud small business that loves to support other small businesses, especially those owned and operated by women and people of color. Learn about Small Business Saturday why it’s a great day to do your holiday shopping.

What is Small Business Saturday?

While you can support small businesses any day of the year, Small Business Saturday is a dedicated day to shop small and local. This holiday started in 2010 and was created by American Express to help keep small businesses alive.

The holiday is celebrated annually on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It’s a great way to support small and local businesses between the chaos of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

During Small Business Saturday, consumers are urged to find their favorite shops online and in person to purchase from. There are plenty of small businesses that make similar products to what you can buy from larger stores.

Why is it Important to Support Small Businesses?

Supporting a small business often helps stimulate the local economy. Instead of giving money to corporations, supporting small businesses allows you to support your neighbors. Even when you support small businesses online, you are helping to stimulate local economies.

Small businesses employ many local residents, so supporting them can help create and maintain jobs in your community. There are also environmental benefits to supporting small businesses, as producing on a lower scale is better for the environment. And, on a personal note, you’ll also be supporting someone’s dream or passion when you shop small.

How You Can Celebrate Small Business Saturday

Challenge yourself to only shop small on Small Business Saturday. You can go to a local coffee shop, bakery, or restaurant for food for the day. You can check out local retail stores for clothing, shoes, accessories, books, plants, home decor, and more. There are small businesses for nearly anything you can think of, so feel free to venture out into your community to find something you love.

You’ll also be able to find many small businesses online. Online marketplaces and small business websites are the perfect places to shop small. Use this day as an opportunity to find some of your holiday gifts for the year.

Another way you can celebrate is by spreading the word to your friends and family. Let them know that Small Business Saturday is coming up, and encourage them to participate by shopping small.

Small Business Saturday with Yellow Bliss Co.

Yellow Bliss Co. is a proud small business owned and run by women and people of color. Shop small this Small Business Saturday and find products for your upcoming celebrations this holiday season. Become a Yellow Bliss Co. member and enjoy an hour of virtual event planning with one of our experts.

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