Our Story

Our Story

A one-stop e-commerce shop for children and fur baby parties, that eliminates the pre-shopping hassles that generally follow party planning.

The idea blossomed mid-May of 2019, which ironically suits our current lifestyles. Susan Myrickwilcox (CEO), had been praying for a business idea that wouldn’t have her on call 24/7. Then it hit her, there is a joy that comes from unwrapping a gift, so why not unwrap a party?

With this in mind, Susan began building a team known as The Power of 7: herself, Ola Muhammed, our President & Chief Creative Office, and five other Yellow Bliss Co. Members have been influential in the development of our company. They dedicated their time and effort into ensuring our curated parties are of high quality, while supplying you with the essentials needed to offer your children and fur babies an experience they will cherish.

Give us the joy as curators of Blissfully Happy Parties, to touch the hearts of your children and fur babies with our party in a box, that’s delivered straight to your doorstep.

Join the Bliss Family today and gift your child or fur baby the party they deserve!

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