Never Afraid to Speak Now

Never Afraid to Speak Now

Taylor Swift is outspoken, so it makes perfect sense that her third studio album was titled “Speak Now.” Though the song of the same title wasn’t a single, it spoke to Swift, reminding her of words needed in the right moment and telling someone what they needed to hear even years later. The confidence, bravery, and fearlessness that these lyrics portray are exactly what makes Speak Now a favorite album in Swift’s discography. If this is your favorite Swift Era, here’s your guide to throwing a Speak Now-themed party.

“Long Live” The Table

Details matter when it comes to party planning. Create a tablescape inspired by Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now” era with the Prickly Pair party box from Yellow Bliss Co. The feminine pinks and purples on the album cover and the iconic red dress on the deluxe version are present in the color scheme of the tablescape.

Prickly Pair is fun and upbeat, much like the music and lyrics of this album. Inspired by the album cover, decorate the table with purple flowers like lavender and aster. Get inspired by the lyrics on the album to help finish the tablescape and incorporate sparkles.

“Enchanted” Food and Drink

The lyrics are the best inspiration for the menu of this party. Bake cupcakes with purple ube or vanilla frosting and top them with sparklers to represent “Sparks Fly” or Hershey Kiss Cookies for “Last Kiss.” Make cinnamon sugar popcorn to represent “If This Was Movie.”

Serve these delicious snacks and pastries alongside bright purple cocktails or mocktails. Add in edible glitter because “this night is sparkling.”

Back to Best Dressed

We’ve all wanted to wear that iconic purple dress on the cover of the “Speak Now” cover. This “Speak Now” themed party is the perfect chance to fulfill those dreams. Invite guests to come in their best form of purple with extra fun details like ruffles and sparkles.

The vibe of the album feels like a fairytale growing up. Think of whimsical dresses, florals, and bold jewel tones. Or have guests attend as an interpretation of their favorite song from the album. 

The “Speak Now” Playlist

When curating your playlist for a “Speak Now” playlist, of course, you have to start with the album. Songs like “The Story of Us” and “Better than Revenge” always have people on their feet singing.

The album has many musical influences, from country to pop punk. Bring the pop punk vibe with songs from bands like Paramore and Fall Out Boy. Add dance pop artists like Carly Rae Jepson, Lady Gaga, and Rhianna to round out the playlist

You’ll See “Sparks Fly”

Speak Now’s introspective lyrics have been on repeat since the album first came out a little over ten years ago. These songs will be on repeat for years to come, and we will continue to celebrate the coming Swift eras. And Yellow Bliss Co. will be there to celebrate along with you. Shop the rest of the collection today!

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