Luminous Diwali Celebration

Luminous Diwali Celebration

Diwali, also known as the festival of lights, is a five-day festival that signifies one of the most important holidays in India. This is a celebration of the triumph of light over darkness. Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs across the world worship and perform offerings to Sri Maha Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance and wealth.

Celebrations for Diwali can be large gatherings and others are set in the home. People worship at the Temple, visit friends and families, and celebrate with large plates of food and sweets. This year, Diwali is celebrated on October 24. Here is the Yellow Bliss Co. guide to celebrating Diwali.

Diwalli Celebration

Fill Your Home With Lights

Diwali is the Festival of Lights, so of course, you have to celebrate with lots of lights around your home. Fill your home with string lights and LED garland to add a soft glow to your space. Use paper lanterns to add glowing accents in every corner of the room. And don’t forget to light candles around the room for the warmth they provide. You can also use LED votives and tealights to decorate both indoors and outdoors. And sparklers can be a fun way to celebrate outdoors.

Decorate Your Home with Marigolds and Rangoli

Marigolds are the traditional Diwali flower. These pretty golden blooms add a ton of brightness to the space. Add these pops of orange and yellow around the room, on your tablescape or mantle. You can even make a marigold garland to hang up as decor. Decorate your space with colorful rangoli designs. You can find stickers that you can attach to the floor and to the wall. Or try making traditional rangoli with colored powdered rice or flour.

Buffet and Bar

Another part of Diwali is the feast that comes along with it. So set up a buffet with some of your favorites like kebabs, samosas, aloo bonda, and paneer tikka. Cook with your family to make a spread or have your friends and families bring dishes for a potluck. You can also make some craft cocktails like a khaara masala spice wine or a chai martini. Make mocktail versions so everyone can enjoy the drinks. And use the Jewels collection from Yellow Bliss Co. to serve these dishes.

Have a Mehendi Station

Mehendi is most popular during Indian weddings, but it’s also a common occurrence during Diwali. Set up a station to get this traditional Indian body art by hiring a Mehendi artist. You can also get temporary henna tattoos online that guests can apply themselves.

Celebrating Diwali

Gather your friends and family for the Celebration of Lights. Diwali is on October 24 this year and the community is getting excited about celebrating. You can decorate, feast, and do art to celebrate all the light and good in the world.

At Yellow Bliss Co., we love celebrating all cultures and holidays. We’re blessed to have diverse backgrounds working behind the scenes. Elevate all of your parties and celebrations with stunning tablescapes. And become a Yellow Bliss Co. member for more perks like free event planning consulting.

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