How to Plan a Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving

How to Plan a Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is about gathering with your friends and family, and that includes the youngest members of the friend group and the smallest branches of the family tree. You can make Thanksgiving one of their favorite holidays and one of their fondest memories with a little bit of planning. At Yellow Bliss Co., we love ensuring that even the littlest guests are enjoying their time at the party. Here are a few tips for creating a memorable and fun kid-friendly Thanksgiving!

Create Some Decor

Kids love being creative, so what better way to get them involved with Thanksgiving preparation than to have them make the decor for around the house and on the table? They can make centerpieces or placemats for the table. Or they can make cute decorations to place around the house, like coffee filter turkeys or painted pumpkins. Not only will they have fun doing it, but they’ll be proudly showing off their creations to guests as they arrive.

Thanksgiving Games and Activities

The kitchen is a busy place on Thanksgiving and often a dangerous place for kids. With hot trays coming out of the oven, it’s often best to keep little kids out of the kitchen. Having games and activities they can partake in can keep them busy until dinner time. Have board games, pin the tail on the turkey, or treasure hunt that will keep them occupied. Getting multiple generations involved in the games will also create fun family memories.

Help Set the Table

Kids love being helpful, so assign them a task they can do on Thanksgiving, like setting the table. This is a job that older kids can help younger kids with, so everyone can get involved. They can set out the plates, cutlery, and napkins for the holiday or help arrange the centerpiece. Or put them in charge of the kids' table and have them design and set that tablescape. Dress it up with fun plates and cups from Yellow Bliss Co.’s children’s collection. They’ll love having a table that is set and themed just for them.

Kid-Friendly Meal Prep 

If kids want to get involved in making dinner, you can assign them a task that corresponds with their age. Young kids can help put together a salad or stir in ingredients. Kids about nine years old can try chopping ingredients under a parent's supervision. And teenagers can take charge of a side dish like mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese. They’ll be excited to make something that everyone gets to enjoy.

Thanksgiving Fun for Every Age

Kids can be such a fun part of any holiday, especially Thanksgiving. But planning and hosting a Thanksgiving that kids enjoy can also be a challenge. Getting them involved with some of the prep and having activities they can do the day of can make them more engaged while spending the day with their friends and family. Make the day special for kids with party boxes from Yellow Bliss Co.’s Children’s Collection and enjoy up to 40% to 50% off during the YBCo.’s Black Friday Sales!

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