Happy DOGust! Celebrating Birthdays for Shelter Dogs

Happy DOGust! Celebrating Birthdays for Shelter Dogs

Everyone loves a sweet furry friend by their side. And there are plenty of fur babies looking to find their forever homes and forever families. After adopting a pet, of course, you want to celebrate them as if they’re a part of your family. Many pup parents opt to celebrate a Gotcha Day to commemorate the day their new family member comes home.

Others may want to celebrate a birthday every year. However, when adopting a dog, it's often unknown what their exact birthday is. And other dogs, when rescued, their birthdays are completely unknown. That’s why a universal birthday for shelter dogs is celebrated on August 1st, affectionately known as DOGust.

DOGust is more than a birthday, though. It’s meant to celebrate and raise awareness about shelter dogs, homeless pets, and pet adoption. In 2021, there were 3.3 million dogs in shelters. Here are a few ways that you can celebrate DOGust this year.

Adopting a Shelter Dog

What better way to celebrate DOGust than to adopt a sweet pup from one of your local shelters? This DOGust, head down to an animal shelter and begin the adoption process to take a sweet pup home.

You’ll have to fill out an application and go through an interview. This will help the shelter find the right dog for you, your lifestyle, and your home. Pay a small adoption fee–unless the shelter has it waived–and you can take home your new family member.

Throw a DOGust Party!

If you have already adopted a shelter dog, you may want to consider throwing them a DOGust party to celebrate their universal birthday as well as the birthday of all of their furry friends.

Yellow Bliss Co. has made some of our favorite party themes into pet boxes. These boxes include a backdrop, hats, balloons, and pet treats to celebrate.

Give Back to Shelters

Celebrate DOGust 1st by giving back to some of your local shelters. You can always donate money or supplies, but your time is greatly appreciated. See if you can volunteer to walk the pups, clean out their cages, or help with feedings.

Many shelters also have a foster program and are always in need of pet foster parents to give animals a loving home while they wait for their forever family.

Happy DOGust! Celebrate Your Shelter Pups!

Furry friends bring so much joy to our lives. But unfortunately, many still sit in shelters, waiting for their forever homes. DOGust 1st not only celebrates the universal birthdays of all shelter dogs but also raises awareness of the need for adoption. Many shelters work to empty their cages and provide all their pups a home.

This DOGust 1st, take some time to celebrate the pups in your life, especially if you’ve adopted them from a shelter. And on this day, you can give back to shelter dogs around the country, celebrating their universal birthday and bringing awareness to all the amazing dogs who still need a home. 

At Yellow Bliss Co., we love our furry friends. We offer plenty of pet-friendly party boxes so your fur babies can celebrate in style. Browse our collection of pet party boxes to start planning your pup an unforgettable DOGust 1st!

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