Feeling Thankful

Feeling Thankful

It’s officially the season of giving. While many people jump right to Christmas after Halloween, Yellow Bliss Co. is a firm believer of giving every holiday its time to shine. And why would you want to skip Thanksgiving in the first place? It’s a holiday where you can surround yourself with the family and friends you love, eat good food, and be thankful for what you have in your life.

Whether you’re hosting a huge Thanksgiving meal or having a Friendsgiving with your close-knit group, you can celebrate Thanksgiving in style with the help of this guide.

A Beautiful Spread of Food

The food is many people’s favorite part of Thanksgiving, so you definitely need to make this detail a priority. Traditionally, there are turkey and stuffing and a variety of sides like mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and green beans.

What you serve for Thanksgiving is usually steeped in family history, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a modern spin to your meal. There aren’t any set foods, and you can have guests contribute to the meal if you want. However you choose to prepare a Thanksgiving meal, be sure to plan in advance.

Autumn Tablescape Collection

An Inviting Tablescape

Since everyone will be gathered around the table, you’ll want to make it beautiful. You can use pieces from the Yellow Bliss Co. Autumn collection, which has plates, cutlery, a table runner, napkins, and chargers.

You may also want to consider adding greenery in the form of a garland or flowers for color. Pumpkins and gourds also represent the season. Candles can also help make the table feel cozy.

Consider Details

Don’t let the small details fall through the cracks while planning your Thanksgiving dinner. Consider buying extra ice to cover everyone’s drinks and extra napkins in case of spills. You may also want to consider coordinating clean-up so there is no confusion at the end of the evening.

Decorate the Space

You don’t have to buy a ton of new decorations to create a festive Thanksgiving scene. Colorful leaf garlands, pumpkins, and wreaths can go a long way in creating a cozy atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy the meal.

Finish with Dessert

Of course, no Thanksgiving is complete without delicious desserts to end the meal on. An assortment of pies like pumpkin, sweet potato, and apple are popular options for Thanksgiving desserts. But you also may want to try fall flavors in other types of desserts. Cinnamon apple doughnuts and pumpkin cupcakes are modern spins on some classic Thanksgiving flavors. Try whipping up homemade whipped cream to top all of your pies and pastries.

Celebrate Thanksgiving in Style

Gather your friends and family and enjoy each other's company. No matter how big or small your holiday is, you can celebrate Thanksgiving in style. Using Yellow Bliss Co. products, you can create a tablescape that friends and family will never forget. And if you want more party planning advice, you can become a Yellow Bliss Co. member. Members get an hour of expert advice with each subscription box purchase.

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