Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

Originally beginning in 1968 as Hispanic Heritage Week and expanded in 1988, National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the culture and influence of Hispanics in America. Celebrations begin on September 15 and span to October 15, covering many significant holidays over the month-long period.

At Yellow Bliss Co, we always celebrate the diversity and the people that make America the beautiful melting pot of cultures it is. Learn more about National Hispanic Heritage Month and ways you can celebrate the month this year.

About National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the culture and history of Americans with Mexico, Central and South American, and Caribbean roots. On August 17, 1988, National Hispanic Heritage Month was enacted into law, marking its official recognition as a holiday and celebration.

The start date, September 15th, is significant for the Hispanic culture. The date is the anniversary of the independence of Latin American countries, including Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Mexico celebrates its Independence day on September 16th, and Chile celebrates its independence on September 18th.

These culturally significant days are only the start of the celebrations. There is a whole month ahead full of music, dancing, and cultural appreciation.

Ways to Celebrate

While this month celebrates Hispanic, Latino, and Latinx culture, you don’t have to be part of the culture to celebrate. You can use National Hispanic Heritage Month to celebrate and educate. There are plenty of activities that you can partake in to commemorate the month.

Try a Latin American Food

There’s much more to Hispanic food than most people are aware of. While many love their taco night, take National Hispanic Heritage Month as an opportunity to try something new. Arepas, pupusa, and ceviche are all delicious dishes worth having a taste.

Shop at Hispanic and Latino-Owned Businesses

Show your support for the community by shopping at Hispanic and Latino-owned businesses. Supporting a small business can make a huge difference, so do some research to find local and online businesses to support.

Support Hispanic and Latinx Creators

This month, make an effort to support Hispanic and Latinx creators. This can be artists, musicians, authors, actors, influencers, and more. During National Hispanic Heritage Month, read books and poems, visit museums featuring Hispanic art, and watch Hispanic movies and TV shows.

Celebrate with Yellow Bliss Co.

You can have your own celebration for National Hispanic Heritage Month with the help of Yellow Bliss Co. Start by setting the mood with the music. Play reggaeton, bachata, and salsa. Don’t forget to get up and dance.

Play a few rounds of Lotería and dominoes, two favorites within the Latino community. And don’t forget to have plenty of food, drinks, and desserts to enjoy throughout the celebration.

Appreciating the Cultural Influence

Hispanic and Latino culture has influenced America in incredible ways, from art and music to food and history. And that’s exactly why we’re excited to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month.

At Yellow Bliss Co., we want all your celebrations to be easy and beautiful. Find stunning tablescape products that will make your party unforgettable. And sign up for a membership to receive virtual party planning advise from experts.

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