Celebrating Memorial Day

Celebrating Memorial Day

Memorial Day is often considered the unofficial start of summer. Many people gather for cookouts, spend time with family, or head somewhere for a long weekend vacation. Others celebrate Memorial Day by remembering those who served in the military, especially those who have lost their lives serving. Both of these are great ways to celebrate the holiday and you can do a combination of activities that honors the military and allows you to have fun with family. Yellow Bliss Co. acknowledges and appreciates those who have fallen during their service. In honor of Memorial Day, we’ve rounded up a few ways to celebrate the holiday.

Bring Flowers to Soldiers’ Graves

Honor those who have served and given up their lives in the line of duty by bringing flowers to soldiers’ graves. If you know a soldier who has passed, you can start by bringing them flowers. Or, you can find a military cemetery and bring flowers or wreathes to lay at those headstones. Poppies are a symbol for Memorial Day. Just be sure to check the guidelines of the cemetery before visiting.

Hike in a National Park

Get out and enjoy nature on a beautiful long weekend. There are over 400 national parks in America, so most people are near one or within a short drive. What better way to celebrate the country that veterans have fought for than to explore some of the most beautiful parts? You can find the national park nearest you and take a hike or nature walk through the area.

Have a Cookout

A Memorial Day cookout is the classic way to celebrate. Gathering family and friends to enjoy each others’ company, grilling burgers and hot dogs, and basking in the beautiful weather sounds like the perfect way to spend a long weekend. Plus, you can dress up your Memorial Day cookout table with the Red, White, & Blue party box from Yellow Bliss Co. After all, delicious food deserves a stunning tablescape.

Send Care Packages to Soldiers

Memorial Day is for remembering those who have passed, but can also be a way to support soldiers who are still actively fighting. For Memorial Day, put together care packages to send to soldiers. This is a good activity for kids to be involved in since they can pick out a few of the items to send. Look for organizations that can help facilitate or guide you on what pack. 

Honoring Memorial Day

The brave men and women who put their lives on the line deserve remembrance. Their willingness to fight allowed and continues to allow Americans to live their free lives. Memorial Day is seen as the unofficial start to summer, where people will celebrate with friends and family in beautiful weather. It’s a holiday where you can enjoy the company of your loved ones and honor those who have served. There are many ways you can observe the holiday and you can often do more than one. Browse our Patriotic Celebration collection for your party today! Yellow Bliss Co. acknowledges the service of veterans in honor of Memorial Day and wishes everyone observing a safe and happy holiday!

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