Celebrating Juneteenth

Celebrating Juneteenth

Black history is American history, but it’s still taking time for the country to recognize some events that are part of that history. Juneteenth may be one of America's newest federal holidays, but it has been recognized and celebrated in many parts of the country by Black Americans since 1865.

In 1865, in Galveston, Texas, Union soldiers arrived in the town with the news that the Civil War had ended, officially freeing all enslaved people. This is the event that Juneteenth celebrates. Texas made the day a state holiday, celebrating days like Emancipation Day or Jubilee Day.

How Black Americans Celebrate Juneteenth

As the holiday grew more popular, many Black families have found ways to celebrate Juneteenth. The holiday is one of happiness, meant to be surrounded by family to remember this history and the ancestors who gave their lives and paved the way. Parades were another popular way to commemorate the holiday.

But Juneteenth isn’t only a holiday for celebration; it’s also an opportunity to learn and grow. Teaching the importance of Black history, slavery, and the racism that’s still prevalent in America. It’s also an opportunity to give back to and support the Black community.

How Everyone Can Celebrate Juneteenth

While this is a holiday where non-Black people should be invited to the proverbial and physical cookout, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t productive ways to celebrate the holiday.

For non-Black people, Juneteenth is a great opportunity to dive deeper into Black history, learning the stories that aren’t commonly taught in school. It’s a great opportunity to educate themselves about the racism in America and find ways to combat that through grassroots organizations. Juneteenth is also a great opportunity to support Black-owned businesses, especially small and local businesses.

Celebrating Juneteenth with Yellow Bliss Co.

Celebrating Black history is more than a federally-mandated day off. It’s more than parades and cookouts. Juneteenth is about recognizing the history that connects all Black Americans and how the effects are still felt today.

Juneteenth is a holiday to remember the roots of Black Americans and to uplift them in the present. As a Black woman-owned business, Yellow Bliss Co. is proud to celebrate Juneteenth and support other Black-owned businesses. Our 2Futti Fruity, Berry Berry, and Prickly Pair Theme Boxes are the perfect addition to your Juneteenth celebration.

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