Celebrate AAPI in May and Beyond

Celebrate AAPI in May and Beyond

Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month has come to an end. This month, we recognized the contributions of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders and stood with them as they fought against the discrimination their community still faces. However, now that May is over, it doesn’t mean we forget the community until the next year. There are plenty of ways to continue to celebrate the AAPI community. As a minority-founded company, Yellow Bliss Co. wants to acknowledge how diversity brings beauty to the world. In this guide, we’ll share how to continue engaging and learning about diverse communities.

Learn More About AAPI History

Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month is a great time to learn history, but you don’t have to stop when June starts. Find documentaries, books, and essays about past and recent history. You can also seek out personal stories for first-hand accounts. Plus, continuing to learn about history is a good way to become an ally. With so many topics, you’re bound to find a specific area that interests you that you’ll want to dive into.

View AAPI Art 

AAPI artists of the past and present provide a glimpse into the culture, history, and current struggles. You can find many of their pieces in local and larger art museums. If you’re not near one, you can use the archives of the Smithsonian Museum of Asian Art. Find an artist you connect with and research their work, their motivation, and their history. Art is one of the best mediums to connect with people despite barriers and it can be fun to discover something that inspires you.

Read an AAPI Book or Watch a Movie

Other artistic mediums to discover are books and movies. You can read and watch topics about AAPI culture, life, and issues. Though they can also be lighthearted or recreational. Whether they’re fiction or non-fiction, these stories are always a good way to engage with the community. Seek out AAPI authors, directors, and storytellers and engage with the art they create. You may even find your new favorite book or movie.

Enjoy AAPI Food

Of course, enjoying the delicious food of the various cultures is one of the most fun ways to engage with the community. Enjoy your favorites from your go-to spots, but also challenge yourself to branch out. Now is a great opportunity to try new cuisines and explore how delicious the AAPI community can be. Or find a recipe and craft your own feast of cultural dishes. The Lunar New Year collection will provide the perfect decor for your tablescape.

AAPI Heritage Month: The Celebration Continues

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, but the celebration doesn’t have to be over. Though June is beginning, you can continue to celebrate and acknowledge the AAPI community as well as other minority communities through learning and engaging. Their achievements and contributions are important enough to be acknowledged more than once a year. Yellow Bliss Co. is proud to celebrate the diversity and what it brings to this beautiful world. Shop the Yellow Bliss Co. Lunar New Year and Heritage party boxes for your next celebration today!

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