Black History Month: Celebrating Excellence

Black History Month: Celebrating Excellence

Black History Month is a celebration that Yellow Bliss Co. holds in high regard. As a Black women-founded and owned company, it’s important to give recognition to the achievements and success of the Black community. We also want to celebrate and support the Black community in Houston and throughout the country. As we reflect on this month, we want to continue to draw attention to the incredible things the community is doing. Though February may end, Yellow Bliss Co. will continue to celebrate and uphold the Black Community.

Celebrating Black Excellence

The Black community has a rich history of fighting, triumph, and success. The historic leaders of the past set the groundwork for today’s community to prosper in various ways. There are many Black people who are making strides and fighting for change, making headlines on a national and local stage.

But we also want to celebrate those who show Black excelence in every day life. The variety of entrepreneurs and business owners, dancers and singers, students, and more who are working towards and achieving their dreams. These are the people who are proving Black excellence every day and deserve recognition for their contributions to the community and Black History.

Host Black History Month Celebrations

February is a wonderful time to gather to celebrate Black history and the current Black community. For Black people, this is a wonderful time to come together with your Black friends and celebrate all that you have accomplished in the last year and set goals for the year to come.

Host a potluck featuring your favorite foods and dishes that are essential in the Black community. Feature flavorful cocktails and drinks to set the party mood The Yellow Bliss Co. Heritage Party Box provides the perfect tablescape and decorations to celebrate.

Your gathering can be a casual get together with friends or a more formal dinner party setting. Both will allow you to surround yourself with the people you love and celebrate your part in the Black community.

How to Support the Black Community

February is a month to highlight the Black Community, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop there. Use February to learn about the past and present struggles of the Black community. Educate yourself and find areas where you can make a difference. This is also a great time to learn something new about Black history.

February is also a great month to explore Black owned businesses. Whether they’re e-commerce businesses like Yellow Bliss Co. or locally owned in your community, you can find a new favorite business to continue to support past February. Find Black new artists and musicians and consider buying their work or streaming their music. There are plenty of ways to give back and show support.

Celebrating Excellence in February and Beyond

The Black community has made incredible strides. From the historical figures who fought for freedom to the current leaders who are making a name for themselves to the business owners taking a chance on themselves. There is so much success and achievement to celebrate in the past, present, and future. February is Black History Month; however, Yellow Bliss Co. celebrates Black excellence every day.

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