A Complete Guide to Hosting a Spooktacular Halloween Party

A Complete Guide to Hosting a Spooktacular Halloween Party

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to gather the ghouls and goblins to celebrate the spooky season. Halloween is a holiday for all ages, and at Yellow Bliss Co., we love ensuring all your parties turn the heads of all your guests. Whether your Halloween party is scary and full of haunting frights or cute and filled with pumpkins, you can throw the event of the season that everyone will be talking about. Need help planning the details? Here’s your guide to hosting a spooktacular Halloween party!

Costume Contest

One of the best parts of Halloween is the costumes. Coming as your favorite character or showing off a creative costume makes a Halloween party more fun. Encourage guests to come in their best costumes and offer prizes for unique categories. Have guests vote for the most creative costume, best couples or group costume, best homemade costume, scariest costume, funniest costume, or come up with your own categories. 

Tally up the votes and announce the winners in an award show format. Offer fun prizes like medals or trophies, small trinkets, toys, and stuffed animals. And don’t forget to get pictures of the winners!

Set the Scene

A Halloween party is nothing without the decorations. Be sure to set the scene with the right decor. First, you have to think of the theme of your party.

For spooky, creepy parties, place cobwebs and spiders in the corners. Get bubbling caldrons and fog machines to give off a haunted atmosphere. A darker color scheme will be the best for this type of party. The Halloween box from Yellow Bliss Co. would be perfect for the table setting and for eating all the creepy snacks and food.

Or go less spooky, more fun for kids’ party. Decorate with pumpkins and friendly ghosts. Opt for a lighter color scheme with more oranges, greens, and lighter colors. Yellow Bliss Co.’s Autumn box would be a great addition.

Creepy Games

The right games and activities will ensure all your guests will have a good time. For kids, try zombie eyeball toss, a skeleton bone dig, or a pumpkin putt-putt. Adults can enjoy Halloween-themed drinking games, a murder mystery, or a werewolf hunt. Both kids and adults will love a scavenger hunt, bean bag toss, and karaoke. Have a variety of games throughout the party that guests can take turns playing and space some of the larger group games throughout the night so everyone can take part.

Get Spooky With Yellow Bliss Co.

You’re in for a fun fright when you throw a party this Halloween. Gather friends, family, and even your pets to celebrate the creepiest night. And Yellow Bliss Co. is here to help with creating the scariest, creepiest atmosphere. With the right decorations and spooky activities, your Halloween party is sure to be the one everyone’s talking about this year. Shop the rest of the Halloween Collection from Yellow Bliss Co.’s today!

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